Illinois Grain and Feed Association


Join a committee where you can network with other industry professionals, provide input on industry matters and strengthen your organization! Must be a member of the Grain and Feed Association of Illinois to participate. Exceptions may apply. 

Convention & Trade Show
Plan the convention and trade show through input and insight from industry professionals. This committee meets twice a year.

Education & Development
Develop solutions to meet educational needs; select the best way to inform or train members of the industry. This committee meets at least once a year with 2-3 conference calls.

Grain Quality & Regulation
Analyze proposed changes to the U.S. Grain Standards Act or other action that would have implications on the testing, grading and weighing of grain. Work with state agencies regarding rules and regulations impacting the industry. This committee meets once a year.

Review and analyze the impact of legislation introduced in the General Assembly and the U.S. Congress on the grain and feed industry in Illinois. This committee meets once a year.

Direct and oversee actions of the Grain & Feed Association of Illinois Scholarship Program, promote career opportunities to students, conduct fundraising events and select scholarship recipients. This committee meets twice a year.

Safety & Facility Operations
Work to ensure that OSHA and EPA regulations are properly carried out and are not cost prohibitive; provide input on potential educational programs to focus on security, energy, maintenance and property management. This committee meets once a year.

Developing Professionals Group
This is a group of industry professionals who are new or newer to the industry. It is not a committee; therefore, once you are added to the mailing list, you do not need to sign up each year.

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