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Join a committee or Industry Action Group where you can network with other industry professionals, provide input on industry matters and strengthen your organization! Must be a member of the Grain and Feed Association of Illinois to participate. Exceptions may apply. 


Convention & Trade Show
Committee members provide input and insight from industry professionals to help plan the convention and trade show and discuss event items such as location, speakers, programs and entertainment to assemble an event that Association members will find of tremendous value.  This committee meets twice a year.

Workforce Development
Committee members identify education and training areas of need within the industry and develop programs that increase skills, abilities and effectiveness and enhance the professionalism of all who work within the industry to meet those needs, as well as analyze available industry technology to determine application and the best way to inform or train industry members. This committee meets at least once a year with 2-3 conference calls.

Committee members direct and oversee actions of the Grain and Feed Association of Illinois Scholarship Program, help raise scholarship dollars and awareness of the scholarship program through fundraising events and other activities and select scholarship recipients interested in working in the grain and feed industry. This committee meets twice a year.

Industry Action Groups

  • Environmental: monitor environmental regulations affecting the grain and feed industries including air permits, noise complaints and other compliance issues.
  • Facility Operations: provide input on potential educational programs to focus on security, energy, maintenance and property management to promote efficient facility operations
  • Feed: discussion of regulatory rules and guidelines impacting the manufacturing and distribution of livestock feed
  • Grain Grades and Quality: analyze proposed changes to the U.S. Grain Standards Act or other action that would have implications on the testing, grading and weighing of grain; also, to work with state agencies regarding rules and regulations impacting the industry.
  • Illinois Grain Code: analyze and discuss current rules and proposed changes to the Illinois Grain Code and their impact on the industry.
  • Legislative: review and analyze the impact of legislation introduced in the Illinois General Assembly on the grain and feed industry; to promote laws which will improve the business climate for the industry in Illinois by supporting or opposing specific proposals.
  • Safety and OSHA: work to ensure that OSHA and other safety regulations are properly carried out and are not cost prohibitive and improve safety and health in the industry
  • Transportation: provide input on safe and efficient means of transporting grain and grain products by water, rail and road without excessive regulation or cost.

Developing Professionals Group
This is a group of industry professionals who are new or newer to the industry. It is not a committee; therefore, once you are added to the mailing list you do not need to sign up each year.

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